The Top Ten Baseball Players of Today

With the MLB baseball season in full swing, it’s only right to recognize the top players in the league. This list acknowledges these players for their on the field achievements, statistics, and leadership. There is no particular order and excludes pitchers.

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Albert Pujols

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Albert Pujols has been a force in the league for years.  He is known around the league for his offensive power and defensive ability.  Leading the MLB in home runs with 39 (as of 8/19/09), and second in RBIs with 105, Pujols is definitely one of the top ten baseball players.  With being fourth in the NL in batting average (.321), Pujols has good chance at winning the triple crown.

Joe Mauer

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With one of the prettiest swings in the majors, Joe Mauer has become one of the best hitting catchers in the history of baseball.  He has the ability to hit to all sides of the field.  With his unbelievable batting average this year (.383), not to mention 26 home runs, and his consist defensive ability, Joe Mauer is one of the best upcoming players in the league.  

Prince Fielder

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The reigning home run derby champion, Prince Fielder has immense power.  With 32 home runs and 108 RBIs, Fielder has some of the best power in the league.  He is a force that has to be recognized within the Brewers lineup.  Fielder deserves a spot within the top ten.

Hanley Ramirez

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This five tool player is  one of the best in the league.  Leading the NL in batting average with .359, Hanley Ramirez has prove himself over the past couple years.  His speed, defensive ability, base running, hitting, and throwing ability make him an impressive player to watch. 

Justin Morneau

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The former AL MVP, Justin Morneau, has what it takes to be a force in the majors.  Morneau is first in the AL in RBIs (94) and third in home runs (28).  This lefty has great power and has the ability to come through in the clutch.  Morneau is always a threat to hit a home run whenever he steps up to the plate. 

Ichiro Suzuki

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Always on top of the charts for batting average, Ichiro deserves some credit.  Breaking the record for the most hits in a season, Ichrio should be considered one of the best players in the league.  His incredible speed makes him a threat no matter where he is on the field.  His base running and defensive speed is unreal, and his ability to hit the baseball also makes him a very dangerous player.

Mark Reynolds

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This third baseman can do it all.  He has great defensive skills, along with hitting for power.  He has 38 home runs, 83 RBIs, and a .283 batting average.  Reynolds is a great player and has a great attitude for the game.  He is one of the young guys that continue to impact the league.

Ryan Howard

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Although he can strike out at times, Howard has the ability to go deep every time he comes up to bat.  He has 30 home runs and 91 RBIs.  Howard is the center of that Phillies lineup that is looking for the repeat.  With Howard being protected by the players around him , he is able to hit for the numbers he has right now. 

Ryan Braun

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Ryan Braun batting .313 with 86 RBIs and 26 home runs makes him one of the best players in the league.  His consistency at the plate makes him a threat against every pitcher.  Braun being so young has a bright future in front of him.  He diversity in the fielder makes him a great player to have on the team.  Braun is an all around good player.

Ryan Zimmerman

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Ryan Zimmerman is a great player on a not so great team.  Even though his team is far from the NL Playoff race, he is still putting up the stats.  Batting .302, with 24 home runs, and 78 RBIs, Ryan Zimmerman has to be recognized as a great player.  His defensive skill alone makes him a golden glove winner, but his attitude to come out and give it his all every day makes him an incredible player.

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