The 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

Each year millions of people gather together to watch the Super Bowl on TV. It is the most watched Television broadcast of the year. Having snacks during the game has become a tradition and millions of pounds of food are consumed including plenty of beer and pizza. What is the most popular food consumed? It is neither pizza nor chicken wings – it is something that you would never guess.

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According to the NPD, which is a market research firm that has been tracking these numbers for years, the most popular food item during the Super Bowl is not junk food but vegetables.



The 10 Most Popular Foods During The Super Bowl:

1. Vegetables
2. Potatoes 
3. Carbonated Soft Drinks
4. Total Salty Snacks
5. Sandwiches
6. Salads
7. Chicken
8. Milk
9. Pizza
10. Tea

Healthy items are quite prominent in the list. Vegetables, salads, and milk are all in the top ten. It is quite surprising however that beer did not even make the top 10, especially if you have ever tried to navigate the beer aisle of the grocery bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. What is really surprising is that milk and tea both come out ahead of beer. The salty snacks at #4 is no surprise as this includes both potato chips and pretzels.


It is reported that almost 90 million pounds of chicken wings will be consumed on that day. In spite that large amount, chicken only came in at #7 on the list. Tea rounded out the list at #10 which is a little surprising since I have never seen a guy watch football on TV while drinking tea.

The next time that you sit in front of the Television set to watch a football game, just remember that most people are eating vegetables.

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