Stephen Strasburg Inning Count Limit Controversy

Should there be a limit on the amount of innings that the National Organization allows Stephen to throw?

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Stephen Strasburg was called “the most hyped pick in draft history” by ESPN. Strasburg has lived up to the hype and has proven himself as an elite pitcher in the MLB. The young right-handed pitcher from San Diego State University is the future of a very young and talented Washington Nationals team, but there is some controversy in regards to Stephen. In the month of August 2010 the Washington Nationals announced that Stephen Strasburg would undergo the reconstruction of his Ulnar Collateral ligament, many of you may know this procedure as “Tommy Jon Surgery”.  The surgery requires 12-18 months of rehab and recovery.  As part of recovery the Washington Nationals announced that Strasburg will pitch no more than 160 innings. The Nationals are currently in first place in the NL East division. Keep in mind that the Montreal Expos/Washington Nationals organization has not made it to the postseason since their first season in 1981. This announcement caused controversy all over the league but especially within the Washington Nationals organization. The players and fans didn’t agree with the decision because Strasburg would not be able to help them in their first postseason in the past 30 years.  As a Washington Nationals fan it is very frustrating to hear that your ace is going to be shut down before the playoffs.      Being a well-educated baseball follower it is also very understandable that Strasburg is being held to an innings limit. Stephen Strasburg is only 23 years of age and has a very bright future. Not only is Strasburg young and promising but the Washington Nationals are the 8th youngest team in the MLB.  I agree 100 percent with Nationals decision on Stephen’s inning limit. There is no need to take the chance to ruin one of the, if not the most promising young pitcher in the league. This is a decision based on the future and the Washing Nationals are a team of the future and I believe that Stephen Strasburg will lead the Nationals to a NL pennant within the next 3 years. So just be patient Washington National fans.

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    Thanks for the article. Strasburg is nothing short of a phenom. The Nationals have finally risen from mediocrity and are truly the cinderella story of baseball in 2012. Like you, I think the Nationals should exercise caution when it comes to Strasburg’s pitch count. He and Harper are the future of this organization — hands down.

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