Reed Johnson

My view of his Cubs Career.

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Reed Johnson left the Cubs on the night before the trade deadline this season. He was a great Cub and always gave 110% when he played. I enjoyed watching him play very much and he always seemed to come through in the clutch. He also made some spectacular catches while on the Cubs. He was a true team player.

I remember two summers ago when I got to see him play live. I was at wrigley in the bleachers enjoying the game. He came up to bat and grounded out. Yet, he still ran to first as hard as he could. This was helped make my appreciation for Reed as a Cub more concrete.Not soon after this event he made the grab that almost knocked him out off the wall at Wrigley.

He is gone now, but that is alright. He will be remembered as a great Cub to me, and a baseball player who really knew how to play his heart out.

I hope Reed does great with the Braves and I wish him the best in the future. Good luck Reed!

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