Our Lady of Sorrows (Arizona Baseball Team) Forfeit State Title Because of a Girl!

Paige Sultzbach a.k.a. the only girl on the Mesa Prep baseball team refused to sit out of the state title game against Our Lady of Sorrows. O.L.o.S. forfeited the game rather than play with a girl on the opposing team.

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A baseball team playing for Our Lady of Sorrow Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, forfeited their ACAA state championship match up because of second baseman, Paige Sultzbach playing for Mesa, Arizona Preparatory Academy.

Playing against Mesa Prep would have meant competing with a co-ed team, Our Lady of Sorrow decided that participating in the game would violate the schools mission to teach boys and girls separately.

While the victory by default was a disappointment to Paige and her team mates, it was hardly unexpected.

Sultzbach sat out two games earlier in the season against Our Lady of Sorrow because of their religious beliefs but insisted on playing with the rest of her team in the biggest game of the season.

Sultzbach was quoted after the match and told a reporter “I felt like any passionate athletic person would feel in that situation.  I don’t want our very first high school baseball team to win the championship on a forfeit.”

The forfeit officially makes Mesa Prep state champs, the athletic director made it very clear that they resented the title being given to them rather than won.

 ”What true athlete would want to win or lose a championship game by forfeit? I respect their views, but it’s a bit out of the 18th century.” Says Mesa Prep Athletic Director Amy Arnold, who also happens to be the only female football coach in the state

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