Controversy Between The Opening Day of Americas Game (Baseball) Falling on Good Friday (Passover)

What Do You Think About Baseballs Opening Games Falling On Good Friday (Passover)?

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Controversy between the Opening Day of Americas Game (Baseball) Falling on Good Friday (Passover)

            For thousands of Americans, Major League Baseball’s opening day is more than just the turn of spring, but it’s almost a religious experience. But for Jews and Christians in eight American cities, their team’s home opener coincides with actual holy days, says Daniel Burke of the Huffington Post.

            Passover begins on Friday (April 6), which is a day of celebration to the Jews declaring their exit from bondage and slavery in Egypt. It is also Good Friday, when Christians remember and stand up for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

            Baseball has run into occasional complaints here and there about playing on Good Friday, but April 6th is even more unusual for being both a Christian and a Jewish holiday this year.

            Michael Teevan, the senior director of public relations of the MLB, which makes up the schedule for all the baseball teams across the U.S., said “it is often a tough task to organize 2,430 games played by 30 teams each year.” Michael also said, “We certainly respect every religious day and the people that observe them, but just as a logistical matter, it can certainly be a big challenge. Sometimes we are at the mercy of how the calendar falls,” as reported by Daniel Burke from the Huffington Post.   

            There are 18 teams that are playing on Friday, with 8 of those 18 hosting their home openers. The other ball teams either open on Thursday or later this month. All of the Friday games except for one – the Chicago White Sox vs. the Texas Rangers – start at 3p.m. Christians usually maintain a solemn silence and refrain from entertainment from 12 p.m. to 3p.m. on Good Friday to mar the time when Jesus hung on the Cross.

            John Blake, a spokesman for the Rangers, said, “I have checked with our fan relations, ticket sales, and on-line departments and they have not received any feedback regarding the timing of Friday’s game.” Report made by Daniel Burke, Religious News Service.

            Rick Vaughn, Director of communications for the Tampa Bay Rays, said both Good Friday and Passover played a role in the team’s decision to start their opener against the New York Yankees at 3:05 p.m. Sunset falls at around 7:45 p.m. in Tampa, which likely leaves time for nine innings and a quick dash home for Passover. (Reported by Daniel Burke of the Religious News Service).

            But many Jewish fans in some of these cities fear that they may have to leave the games early or miss out on them entirely in order to meet their religious convictions.

            I am really curious to hear what all of my readers have to say about this matter. What do you all think about how this April 6th falls religious cultural holidays? Please comment in the fields below. I would love to create a type of discussion board on this matter.

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