Baseball Cheers

Some baseball cheers that I have come acrros in my years of playing and umpiring.

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So I have been playing baseball for around seven years, and have umpired it for two years. I only umpire kids from 8-12 so these cheers will mostly be for them, but not all of them will.

  1. Hey superman with a bat in his hand, knock it out (hoo-hoo) Knock it out (hoo-hoo).
  2. ( Name of player here) is a friend of mine, he can rip it anytime, rip (na na na na) tip (na na na na).
  3. ( Ball goes by) G-O-O-D-E-Y-E Goodeye goodeye G-O-O-D-E-Y-E  gooooodeye
  4. (A player from the team wildcats is up) Turn on the radio, what do ya hear? Wildcats, Wildcats Team of the year. Shout it to the east, Shout it to the west. Wildcats, Wildcats Your the Best. GO Wildcats!
  5. there she goes just a walking down the line singing do a diddy diddy dom diddy do next batter up says walk me to singing do a diddy diddy dom diddy do BALL 1 BALL 2 BALL 3 BALL 4 come on picture walk some more BALL 5 BALL 6 BALL 7 BALL 8 come on pichure pitch em’ striaght
  6. there once was a frog who sat upon a log he rooted for the other team he had no sence at all, he fell into the water and bumped his little head and when he got back up again this is what he said go go (team) win win (team) fight fight (team) go win fight (team)
  7. (someone is at second base) hey you, on two, wiggle wiggle wiggle, hey you on two shake your butt a little.
  8. Extra! Extra! Read all about it (name) got a hit and were gonna shout it (repeat).
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  1. unkown
    Posted June 6, 2010 at 7:04 am

    rock and roll baby we got the soul baby up and down baby move it all around ha! 4 times

  2. marshmellow
    Posted June 19, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    imm ahhh went the little green frog one day,imm ahh went the little green frog,immm ahhh went the little green frog 1 day and his eyes went imm ahh too,honk honk went the big bad truck ,splat,splat his eyes dont go iimm ahh anymore cause he got licked up by a dog rrrrruuuuffff rruuufff

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