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Old friends and fond memories.

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It’s that time of year again!  Waiting, waiting,waiting all winter.  Spring training is upon us!  I’m a Floridian by choice.  When I moved to Florida, they had no professional baseball team.  Therefore, by default (i.e. no major league baseball in Florida) I remained a Yankee fan.  I feel it would be somewhat akin to traitorous to change my affiliation at this point in my life.  After all, I was a Yankee first. 

Having the good fortune to retire after 20 years of working, I am excited about the coming season.  Of course, I always enjoy this time of year.  Although the Florida winters are not unusually cold, I do love the Florida spring.  I use to live in New Jersey.  I offer this as an explanation for my loyalty to the Yankees and, at the same time, my aversion to any temperature below 60 degrees!

Of course, no dissertation would be complete without at least mentioning the Rays.  After all, I live in Florida.  However, I do admit that I have a real conflict of interest when the Yankees come to town.  There are  some  things that are inherent from birth.  For me, it was being a Yankee Fan!

So here I sit, with a cat in my lap, knowing Micker is in heaven, just waiting for a pennant from our Yankees!  There’s no guarantees but I have a feeling…..


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