A Game for The Ages..

Moments that define sports….

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     Every once in a while, you get a game that just…. transcends.  A game that has everything.  A game you remember years later, one you tell your kids about.  And often it comes in the least likely of places.  We got one of those moments this year with the American Little League World Series Championship game…. if you happened to be bored enough to watch it, you were treated to a game of epic proportions; even if it was just a bunch of 12 year old kids.  You had a kid hittling 3 home runs…. a 10 run last inning comeback…. just watch…

     Moments like this have changed in nature somewhat with the likes of ESPN Classic and Youtube; no longer are we relegated to telling our kids the stories; now we can show them.  But there’s still nothing quite like seeing it live…. witnessing those magical moments as they occur….. let’s take a look, courtesy of the aforementioned Youtube, at a few more accidental moments of magic….

     College Basketball gives us amazing moments seemingly every year, and it’s always the games you’d never guess.  We start with a classic that no one outside of Kansas or Ohio remembers… but a day in March when a group of college kids were gods… Kansas State and Xavier took part in a heavyweight bout for the ages.  One thunderous shot after another, more clutch moments in one game that most see in a season….

     College football can’t be forgotten; 3 of the most amazing games ever played… the first, from 2000…. a 54-51 track meet between Big Ten foes Northwestern and Michigan…

     And here was a game that took place on the grandest stage in College football, but again… most of the names are already long forgotten; but for one magical night….

     And finally, from just last year…. Michigan and Notre Dame…

     And last…. possibly one of the most amazing moments you’ll ever see…. and one that may change the way you look at sports, even if it’s just for a moment…

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  1. Posted August 26, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Nice article. A 10-run, last-inning comeback? That’s insane! I was in Little League myself so I know first-hand how exciting those games can be.

    Please read and comment on my article on the Miami Marlins:


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