The TNA Television Title:Just a Prop?

Ever since Eric Young won the television title last year, the belt itself seems to have lost it’s relevance. Here’s my take on what the company should do to change this.

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  Everybody who watches Impact wrestling loves Eric Young, it’s almost impossible not to. But when Eric won the TNA television title last year, the title itself lost it’s credibility.Young, who was also sporting “his” TNA championship belt(the one he found discarded in the trash), began roaming Hollywood to challenge other “television stars.”

  Fast forward to Robbie E winning the title from Young. It would appear that the title was better off around the waist of the fan favorite, rather than the wanna be Jersey Shore character that is Robbie E. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see why TNA let guys like Jay Lethal go if they were going to replace them with guys like Robbie E,not that he directly replaced Lethal, but who’s on the roster today? 

  Rob Terry is stuck playing bodyguard for the champion, TNA not being able to find a better gimmick for the giant wrestler. I would suggest that terry would make a better champ than Robbie E., in fact, almost anyone on the roster would. Guys like RVD made a career out of holding a television title in ECW, the TNA belt needs the same respect that ECW bestowed on a title that had no airtime to be defended on for the most part.

  I would like to see the television title become a belt that was defended every week on Impact, preferably around the mid point in the show. This would give Impact a chance to showcase all the wrestlers who are not,for whatever reason, in the TNA championship hunt. Also,it would give wrestlers of all sizes a chance to compete for a belt without being hampered by weight limits. The X division belt is once again for cruiserweights thanks to Hogan and Bischof, who want to keep the smaller guys in their own division.

  Guys like RVD, Terry, Samoa Joe, and Hernandez to name a few, would benefit greatly by the title being taken seriously.All the men mentioned have potential to TNA champion if they haven’t been already. Terry is by far the least polished, but with more exposure and camera time, i think he could develop nicely. 

  There is a great deal of talent on the TNA roster that deserves a definite push. After awhile you wouldn’t be able to blame some wrestlers for wanting to take their skills elsewhere. Lethal went over to ROH and became the tv champ there. He was one of the most memorable, if not the most, TNA television champion of the company’s existence. Others will look at that and might want to test the waters. Also, a lot of these guys have wrestled for ROH before and would easily be welcomed back. There’s always the giant machine that is the WWE as well, with loads of money and exposure for anyone who catches their eye.

  So, in my opinion, take the belt from around the waist of Robbie E(who should be re-imagined as another wrestler or just plain cut), and give it to one of the guys waiting for a TNA championship title shot. Showcase the belt by giving it a set spot during the show to be defended every week, and give all the hungry young talent another option for championship gold.

  I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric Young win his title back, as long as he took it seriously and defended it on television, against other wrestlers.

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