The fastest man on two feet

This is what this year’s Olympic brought.

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I have to admit that the world must be taking it well..that their 4-year expectations were met by the fastest man in thw world, Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican really deserves all the credit and praise for his outstanding performance in the 100m final of the 2012 London Olympics. This was the setting where he broke his own previous Olympic Record of 9.69 seconds with a spanking new 9.63 seconds.

His performance during the heats was not his best and really got the other contestants quite motivated and feeling quite good about their chances of beating, more especially his fellow country man, Yohan Blake.

He (Blake) was definitely more ambitious owing to the fact that he had actually beaten Bolt in a 100m race earlier this year.

Everyone had their eyes on him and were really amped for the final.

The final had really built up the mood and anxiety among people all over the world. This was evident here in SA, as my residences’ communal room was packed to the brim, seconds before the race began. Everyone opting to see history being set right in front of their eyes – LIVE as it is called, and not watch it on replay or later on youtube.

The 10 seconds that followed after the sound of the buzzer were the most lively and emotional as voices grew louder and louder as Bolt edged closer and closer to the finish line and ultimately setting a new record.

He had done it again, set a record, made History again and let the world see what a great sportsman he is. So great that he had to interrupt his interview to pay tribute to the American Flag and anthem that was being played for an American Gold medal winner.

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