The Bare Minimums Approach to a Bodybuilding Diet

Simple diet for beginner bodybuilders.

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The Bare Minimums Approach to a Bodybuilding Diet

By: Fireleo14

I should start off by saying that I’m not an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. No, I’m actually just an amateur who works out. But if you go on YouTube and look up Jay Cutler or Ronnie Coleman talk about their meals, it’s easy to see that the content of their meals is not complex. Of course, the public will never truly know what they actually eat because they are under contracts and endorsements and such. It’s very possible that they recommend one thing but eat something else. It’s also possible that they eat something that’s completely unmentioned and unheard of in the public bodybuilding community. Whatever the case, I will just talk about the diet that I plan to eat for the majority of this summer. Because I plan to workout hardcore this summer, I have put a decent amount of thought into dieting and eating.

When thinking of a Bodybuilding diet, two things should immediately come to mind: Chicken and Rice. Why? Because they are staples to the typical bodybuilding diet. The bodybuilding diet focuses on the two macro-nutrients: Protein and Carbohydrate. In this case, the chicken (preferably chicken breast) serves as the protein and rice (preferably brown but white will do) is the carbohydrate (carbs). Eating these two alone will give you a very good foundation to work with. In general, proteins help muscle tissues recover and grow (among other things) and the carbs give the energy and calories needed to navigate through the day. However, my contention is that you can’t just eat these two foods and call it a day. To supplement the chicken which is our protein foundation, we can add eggs (preferably hard-boiled) and protein shakes (preferably pure whey protein powder).

In reality, dieting is a very very controversial topic because just about everybody have differing opinions. There are vegetarians, vegans, raw fooders, organic advocates, and even super-fooders. While I very much support the organic foods, super foods, and raw foods (wheatgrass, algae, etc.) movement, the topic is far too complex for the average bodybuilding. I might write about those foods in the future, but for now, I’m going to stick to the conventional “normal” bodybuilding diet.

With the proteins taken care of (Chicken, eggs, and protein shakes), we move onto the Carbohydrates. Think rice, bread (whole grain), and oatmeal. Rice will serve as the staple but can be supplemented by the aforementioned. Some people are scared of carbs and stay away because they think it will make them fat. It’s true that too much carbs can make a person fat, but for people who actually works out, it’s not a problem. Carbs give you energy. If you use the energy throughout your day, then it’s End of Story. However, if your outgoing energy is less than your incoming energy (because you don’t work out), then that energy is stored in the form of fat around the belly. But keep this in mind: you need carbs and fats to accompany protein for the protein to be absorbable by your body. Eat nothing but chicken? You are not getting all that protein.

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