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Results for Smackdown 2-21-12.

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Smackdown went live tonight.  It usually is on Friday nights and is taped.

The show started off with Bryan coming out and then the Miz.  The Miz wants to be Bryan’s tag team partner.  Then they were interrupted by Sheamus.  All of this lead to a match between Sheamus and Miz, and Sheamus won the match.

Kofi and R-Truth team up again and take on Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.  Swagger and Ziggler end up winning the match.

Khali took on Drew and won.  Drew keeps on his losing streak.

Big Show and Mark Henry go at it.  Cody Rhodes tried to interrupt, but the Big Show knocks out Henry and just walks out of the ring.

Otunga takes on Jackson again and wins again.  Jackson defiantly hasn’t been doing any good lately.

CM Punk took on Daniel Bryan in the main event.  The match was restarted twice.  Once because Sheamus came out and threw Bryan back into the ring, and then Bryan got a pin by holding onto the ropes.  Then they don’t know who actually won the match.

It came down to the general managers going at it.  This was the second match of the night where there was no winner.  I think that they are making too big of a deal out of this general manager stuff.

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