Sports News: Is Bracket-busting Technology The Key to Victory?

(BPT) – Each year technology has a greater impact on our lives and that may be most visible in the world of sports. Long-time sports fans have witnessed the advent of new protective equipment, slow motion playbacks and officials using instant replay to determine the correct call in major sporting events all across the country.

On the basketball court, new technology is being used to collect data from each game that helps improve both player performance and the fan experience. For example, the SportVU tracking systemfrom STATS records every movement and action of a player during games, which can result in more than 600,000 data points per 40 minute game. Those records are streamed and stored using SAP HANA, a platform for data analytics, and the analysis is used to evaluate athletes based on their shooting, spacing on the court, speed, dribbling and more.

 Throughout each game, data is collected by intelligent cameras, wearable sensors and microphones providing an enriched in-game experience for basketball fans across the country and allowing them to experience the sport as they never have before.

Data is also a major player in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Tournament games are popular with 7.7 million comments being made about each game across social media. A recent infographic from Intel shows an estimated 3 million employees will spend one to three hours watching games and checking scores instead of working, while sixty-one percent of those fans will catch the action with a laptop or desktop, and 39 percent will use a mobile device.

As fans log in to watch the tournament, one of the most entertaining parts of the event is filling out the 63-game bracket. Millions of fans across the country compete in office pools and against their friends to see who can predict the most games correctly. Bragging rights are always at stake but the real goal is always to complete a perfect bracket and be your office’s Cinderella story.

This is easier said than done. The odds of a complete perfect bracket are one in 18 quintillion, and statistics show that a person is 50 million times more likely to win the Mega Millions jackpot than they are to correctly pick the winner in each of the 63 games.

So how can data improve the probability of picking a perfect bracket?

To explore the idea and showcase the power of analytics, Intel is making its data technologies more affordable and accessible to businesses and fans alike and is working to develop new technology to improve predictions based on data. For the tournament, Intel is partnering with Kaggle – a platform for data science competitions – to host the March Machine Learning Mania competition. The competition is designed to use data and predictive analytics to more accurately predict the outcome of the tournament.

Contestants used predictive models – data collected from nearly two decades of previous tournament games – to predict the outcome of each of the games as well as the overall results. The team that finishes with the best result will earn a $15,000 cash prize, furnished by Intel. Bracket entrees closed March 19 but you can still follow the action by visiting the March Machine Learning Mania competition site.

Can state-of-the-art data and analytics lead to a perfect bracket? Is there another Cinderella story in the works? Follow the March Machine Learning Mania competition to find out.

Playing Ice Hockey Against The Backdrop of The Himalyas

Experience ice hockey -25 degree temperature at 12000 feet.

Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada and countries like USA, Russia, Finland, Germany, Poland are the biggest ice hockey playing nations in the world. The land is ice-capped for several months at a stretch, and ice hockey can be played even without the use of artificial rinks. Still, some of these countries have had artificial rinks since 17th century.

Though ice hockey is unknown as a sporting event to most Indians, people from areas like Shimla, Kashmir andLadakh in India, which have traditionally cold climates, are slowly warming up to ice hockey since the past 2-3 decades, after the Indian Army posted in the high altitude border regions took up the game and popularized it by playing annual winter matches in Ladakh.

 Ladakh Winter Sports Club organizes the National Ice Hockey Championship since 2001 in the last week of January – and it’s a big local event. The tournament takes place at Leh Karzoo Ice Hockey Rink, an open air ice rink situated 3,474 m above the sea level. The game is very demanding at this altitude.

Many ex pats from the Canadian and Russian consulates in Mumbai and Delhi have been playing the game in Ladakh for the past few years. Playing in – 20 degree centigrade at the highest Ice Hockey rinks in the world  attracts and thrills them. They participate in matches at Leh with the locals. In the following video, the Montreal Canadians Ice Hockey coaches travel to the remote village of Domkhar in Ladakh to teach the mountain villagers the game of Ice Hockey.

 The matches have caught the imagination of Ladakhi men and women, both young and old. But these aspirants  face many challenges: lack of money, lack of infrastructure, including equipments, warm clothing, skating boots, guards, etc. The only place in India where something minimal is available is Shimla, a small hill station in the northwestern part of India.
The love for the new sports has driven the local Ladakhis to improvise with what is available. They get the ice skating blades from Shimla and nail them to the army ammunition boots, wearing several layers of socks inside. Security equipments like helmets or elbow and knee pads are not available to them. Instead of using the special equipments, roller skating and ordinary ground hockey sticks and pads are used. Thick rubber heels of the army boots are cut to a rounded shape and used as pucks. Minor accidents while learning and practicing are not unknown, but people shrug it as inevitable and carry on, regardless. Often, seeing the enthusiasm of these people, the visiting tourists from abroad gift some of their equipments when they go back.

The love of the Ladakhis for ice hockey has been immortalized in movies. For example, “Frozen” (2009) and “One more…” are feature films shot in Ladakh by Shivajee Chandrabhushan. The film “One More…”  traces the journey of an amateur, but passionate, ice hockey team from Ladakh to the ice rinks of Russia.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has recently made an English-Punjabi, ice-hockey-themed film Break Away that showcases the struggles faced by South Asian immigrants.

Similarly, Thin ice is an internationally financed documentary about girls in Ladakh, who want to play Ice Hockey.The video that follows shows snippets from the film. Watch the video: I loved the verve and the enthusiasm of the girls. It’s infectious.

Dolkar, a young Buddhist woman from Ladakh and her friends wish to play ice hockey, and get equipment and coaching. When they want to participate in the annual Hockey tournament they face opposition. The men in charge, the board of the winter sport club prefer ice dance from the girls, not ice hockey. They travel over the mountain to the Muslim village Kargil and create a joint team. The Buddhist and Muslim girls have to fight for their rights both on the ice and off the rink.

Let’s hope that in the years to come, India becomes a formidable player on the global ice hockey scene.

Sochi, Russia Interesting Facts

Here are 10 bits of information, be it perhaps trivia, that I’ll bet you didn’t know about the popular Russian resort town that is located on the eastern shore of the Black Sea.

1. The city of Sochi covers approximately a 90 miles long shoreline on the Black Sea.

2. It is Russia’s largest resort city, with around 343,334 inhabitants living in the city proper.

3. It is Russia’s only Sub-tropical Climate city, that sits between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains. Temperatures can range from 75 degree average in the summer to mild winters and it is only 996 miles to Moscow.

4. The largest trout fishery in Russia is located in the Sochi area.

5. The ski resort at Krasnaga Pulyana, outside Sochi in the mountains makes it a year-round resort venue for many Russians. The present day tourist numbers that visit the city are near 2million people a year.

6. Prior to 1864 it was seen as a Sunni Muslim village, but many Muslims migrated to Turkey as the Christian influence moved in. Today it is estimated the city population is only about 5% Muslim. Over 30 Christian Orthodox churches are scattered throughout the city, along with 2 monasteries and 2 Catholic churches.

7. Sochi has an annual Film Festival called “Kinotavir”.

8. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site…has a famous Arboretum….a world re-known ape breeding program….a symphony and chamber music Hall ….and it a city full of many Neoclassical Buildings designed by world famous architectsdesigners such as Ivan Zhaltovsky.

9. Sochi will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and the 2014 Para-Olympic Games. It has been announced recently that Putin has arranged for World Class Formula I Grand Prix Racing to begin in 2014, also.

10. This is the first time a Russian city has been selected to host the Winter Olympic Games. Renovations to the city railways and other transportation sites has been extensive, as have been housing accommodations.

Overcoming All Odds: Young Special Olympics Athlete with Rare Disease Takes Home The Gold

(BPT) – At this year’s Greater Fort Worth Area Special Olympics games in Texas, Steven Striegel overcame all odds when he took home a gold medal in the bowling competition. For the 20-year-old from Little Elm, Texas, the achievement meant so much more than simply hanging another medal on the wall.

This summer, as Steven was gearing up for a local Special Olympics softball competition, he experienced a seizure that caused him to fall onto a concrete sidewalk and fracture his jaw in two places. Doctors said he wouldn’t be able to play sports for the next eight weeks while he recovered – a devastating blow for Steven, who had been training for months.

The seizure was a result of Steven having tuberous sclerosis complex, or TSC, a rare genetic condition that affects between 25,000 and 40,000 people in the US. Steven was diagnosed with TSC at three months old after his parents, Mandy and Scott Striegel, took him to a neurologist when he started having seizures called infantile spasms.

“When Steven was first diagnosed we were relieved to finally have an answer about what was causing the infantile spasms. But at the same time, it was scary because no one had ever heard of TSC,” said Mandy.

TSC can affect multiple parts of the body, including the brain, kidney, skin, heart and lungs. TSC affects people to varying degrees, from very mild, where patients have only a few symptoms and live normal lives, to severe. However, the disease is unpredictable, and manifestations can occur throughout a patient’s lifespan, so regular monitoring by a multidisciplinary healthcare team is important for every person affected by the disease. Steven has kidney and brain tumors as well as lesions on his face and is monitored by a team of physicians specializing in TSC to ensure his tumors are not growing and becoming dangerous to his health. In addition, he often experiences seizures like the one in late July that can affect his ability to perform everyday activities, but his parents say the Special Olympics helps their son cope with his condition.

“It’s important for Steven to compete for many reasons – it keeps him active, gives him a tangible goal and reinforces the importance of sportsmanship and being a team player,” Scott said. “Steven’s positive spirit and determination to continue competing despite a severe injury is a true inspiration to his family and friends.”

Now the Striegels are helping to raise awareness of TSC by teaming up with Novartis, in partnership with the TS Alliance and the Special Olympics, by sharing Steven’s inspiring story. Visit to learn more about TSC and Steven’s journey.

Hitting The Slopes for Less This Winter: Stretching Your Ski Vacation Dollar

(BPT) – With the Olympics right around the corner, skiing is on a lot of people’s minds. While ski trips can get pricey quickly, there are ways to give your budget a lift. This article provides seven simple tips and tricks that can stretch your dollar and get you slopeside for a fraction of the price.

“It’s not unusual for ’ski vacation’ to be synonymous with ‘expensive getaway,’” says Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor for the travel booking website “But it doesn’t have to be that way. These seven simple tips and tricks can stretch your dollar and get you slopeside for a fraction of the price.”

 * Borrow your ski equipment. One of the big expenses of a ski vacation – especially for new skiers – can be gearing up. Tap friends and family to borrow ski gear for your trip – from coats and ski pants to ski boots and snowboards.

* Travel’s new rule: Pack light. Most airlines let you travel with a ski bag as one of your checked bags. Just be conscious of the weight allowance and take as much as you can in a carry-on bag to avoid extra fees.

* Choose an easily reachable resort. Flying into to smaller airports can mean heftier prices and inconvenient connections. Look for ski resorts that are within close proximity of major airports where there is more airline competition. Ski destinations like Keystone and Breckenridge are both family-friendly and an easy drive or shuttle ride from Denver International Airport.

* Location, location, location. While slopeside hotels let you walk out your door and hop on the lift, opting for lodging a little farther from the mountain can save you cash. And most ski resorts offer free shuttle services with stops throughout town, so getting to the lifts is not a hassle.

* Discount lift tickets. If you’re a student or a senior, be sure to bring identification to take advantage of any discounts available. And for those who enjoy sleeping in, you can opt for half-day or evening lift tickets that are discounted compared to full-day passes.

* Timing is everything. Many travelers end up paying too much for a ski vacation simply because they choose to vacation when everyone else does. In general, lift tickets and lodging will be most expensive over Christmas and New Year’s, MLK weekend, the President’s Day holiday and spring break during the month of March. Prices are relatively low in the early season, which occurs November through mid-December. They will often drop again in April, after spring break. The month of January is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets to skiing on a budget. After the December holidays, you’ll find plenty of snow without the crowds, typically resulting in lower lodging rates.

Winter Sports Guide: Start Snowboarding in Four Basic Steps

If you are planning to start snowboarding from this winter season, then there is a lot you need to catch up with. While it takes a lot of time to get expertise and perfection in the game, you can give it a try easily. Before you step in the snow, there are a few things that you should know and follow. This article can serve as your step-by-step guide to prepare for snowboarding like the professionals.

English: freestyle snowboarding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The rising trend of snowboarding has made it a sport widely enjoyed by people all around the UK and other parts of the globe. Not only young boys and girls, but even middle aged people are now getting attracted towards the thrill and excitement that the game has to offer. There are a number of competitions and events being organized worldwide to celebrate the joy of winter with snowboarding. Many people can be seen sliding down the snowy hills with snowboards UK and worldwide.

If you are planning to start snowboarding from this winter season, then there is a lot you need to catch up with. While it takes a lot of time to get expertise and perfection in the game, you can give it a try easily. Before you step in the snow, there are a few things that you should know and follow. Here is your step by step guide to prepare for snowboarding like the professionals.

1. Get a snowboard that matches your skills – It is like stating the obvious, but the first thing to get the right snowboard. There are a number of companies offering expertly designed snowboards. You must know about all the snowboard brands and the variety of products they offer. For assistance, you can ask an expert friend or visit a website dedicated to snowboarding stuff and information.

 English: Snowboard sizing chart – snowboard length and width calculator and snowboarding guide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Choose the right outfit – Prefer wearing warm clothes as the cold and snow can freeze your hands and legs with boarding. Wear a lot of layers but do not over cover yourself. Go for exclusive snowboarding outfit as it is designed to keep you warm, and at the same time provides the freedom and comfort required for the game.

3. Read the experience of other snowboarders – Many snowboarding websites have special sections where snowboarders all around the world share their experiences about the sport and their recent or memorable adventures. By reading these articles and blogs, you will learn about what to expect while sliding down the snow covered hill. You can even find some special tips and tricks by following the regular updates on these portals.

4. Know where to go this season – During winters, many resorts and hotels turn into hot snowboarding destinations. You can plan a trip to one of these snowboarding spots and enjoy the sport with your friends, spouse or family. These hotels organize many events and competitions for expert and novice snowboarders and also have coaches and sessions to help you hone your skills.

Snowboarding Trail (Photo credits:

Additionally, you can get some extra accessories like heated gloves and camera goggles to add to your style and skills. So get the best snowboards UK and outfit, accessories etc. to start your exciting and thrilling journey as a snowboarder.

Predictions for Champions League Final : Bayern Munich vs.. Borussia Dortmund

Predictions for Champions League Final Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund, the winner.

Prediction of Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich champions league final 2013 will be in favor of The Hollywood FC, ​​they have strong mental format of this size and they can be kampium Bundes Liga champions league from 2012 to 2013 in the rest of the remaining few tournaments in Bundes Liga

Predicted Final League Champion 2013 Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund, however exchange betting Champions League final will sponsor bayern munich to become league champions champions and prove the club – club europe host of others, they deserve to be champions of what they show on beating Juventus and barcelona with the result is fantastic

2013 Champions League Final schedule will be known on May 25, 2013 at Wembley Stadium England, is unfortunate for english league club can not send one representative to compete in this english national pride stadium “Wembley Stadium”

Head 2 Head Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund

13 Aug 2012: Munchen 2-1 Dortmund (Super Germany)

May 13 2012: Dortmund 5-2 Munich (DFP Pokal)

5 last contest Bayern Munich:

November 29, 2012: Freiburg – Munich (Bundesliga)

November 24, 2012: Munchen 5-0 Hannover (Bundesliga)

November 21, 2012: Valencia 1-1 Munich (Champions League)

November 17, 2012: Munich 1-1 Nurnberg (Bundesliga)

November 10, 2012: Munich 2-0 Franfkrut (Bundesliga)

5 Borussia Dortmund last competition:

November 28, 2012: 1-1 Dortmund Dusseldorf (Bundesliga)

November 24, 2012: Mainz 1-2 Dortmund (Bundesliga)

November 22, 2012: Ajax 1-4 ​​Dortmund (Champions League)

November 17, 2012: Greuther Furth 3-1 Dortmund (Bundesliga)

November 10, 2012: Augsburg 1-3 Dortmund (Bundesliga)

Motogp Qualifying, Vettel on Pole Being The 14th Abu Dhabi 2011

Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel successful record 14th pole of the season was over so the fastest in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying session. Vettel equaled Nigel Mansell was carved in 1992. In qualifying that took place at the Yas Marina Circuit, Saturday (11/12/2011), Vettel managed to record the best time with one minute 32.841 seconds to beat the McLaren duo.

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button came in second and third while his team as Vettel, Mark Webber was fourth inhabit. Previously Hamilton successfully dominate the second and third free practice and he was able to be the fastest in Q1 and Q2.

Briton was later succeeded in becoming the fastest while in Q3 with 1 minute 38.704 seconds or 0.042 seconds ahead of Vettel at the time. While Button finishing fourth in the early laps, then had skyrocketed to the top position at the second attempt.

2009 world champion is still to be there before Hamilton managed to solve time by 0.009 seconds faster to get the pole. Vettel was in the final laps, but eventually he managed to record the best time and beat Hamilton by a margin of 0.141 seconds.

In the third row occupied by the Ferrari duo. Fernando Alonso was in fifth position with a difference of almost 0.6 seconds from Vettel and Felipe Massa followed with a record time of 1 minute 39.695 seconds.

MotoGP qualifying, Vettel on Pole Being the 14th Abu Dhabi 2011

1. Sebastian Vettel Germany Red Bull-Renault 1m 38.841s

2. Lewis Hamilton Britain McLaren-Mercedes 1m 38.622s

3. Jenson Button Britain McLaren-Mercedes 1m 38.631s

4. Mark Webber Australia Red Bull-Renault 1m 38.858s

5. Fernando Alonso Spain Ferrari-Ferrari 1m 39.058s

Felipe Massa Brazil Ferrari- Ferrari 1m 39.695s

7. Nico Rosberg Germany Mercedes-Mercedes 1m 39.773s

8. Michael Schumacher Germany Mercedes-Mercedes 1m 40.662s

9. Adrian Sutil Germany Force India-Mercedes 1m 40.768s

10. Paul di Resta Britain Force India-Mercedes no time Q3

11. Sergio Perez Mexico Sauber- Ferrari 1m 40.874s

12. Vitaly Petrov Russia Renault-Renault 1m 40.919s

13. Sebastien Buemi Switzerland Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1m 41.009s

14. Bruno Senna Brazil Renault- Renault 1m 41.079s

15. Jaime Alguersuari Spain Toro Rosso-Ferrari 1m 41.162s

16. Kamui Kobayashi Japan Sauber-Ferrari 1m 41.240s

17. Pastor Maldonado Venezuela Williams-Cosworth 1m 41.760s

18. Heikki Kovalainen Finland Lotus-Renault 1m 42.979s

19. Jarno Trulli Italy Lotus- Renault 1m 43.884s

20. Timo Glock Germany Virgin- Cosworth 1m 44.515s

21. Daniel Ricciardo Australia HRT-Cosworth 1m 44.641s

22 Jerome d’Ambrosio Belgium Virgin-Cosworth 1m 44.699s

23 Vitantonio Liuzzi Italy HRT- Cosworth 1m 45.159s

24. Rubens Barrichello Brazil Williams-Cosworth no time

Ohio State to be Stripped of Sugar Bowl Title

Apparently the NCAA didn’t take the announcement that Terrelle Pryor would be skipping off to the NFL all that lightly, after all.

After making a ‘commitment’ to Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel to stay and serve his 5 game suspension in 2011, it was reported Tuesday that after evaluating his stock in this year’s NFL draft, Terrelle Pryor has changed his mind.

And apparently the NCAA is none too happy.  So according to sources close to the committee, an announcement will be made before the end of the week that the Ohio State football program will not only be forced to vacate its Sugar Bowl victory over Arkansas, but for the entire 2010 college football season. (Congratulations are in order for Michigan for finally finding a way to earn a victory over Trellel’s Buckeyes)

There has been no word as yet as to wheather the NCAA will issue consequences extending into the 2011 season.

On a related note, Cam Newton, the best player money could buy in 2010, celebrated his National Championship with his father (who wasn’t there, by the way).  No NCAA violations there.

CFB 128: Official NCAA Power Rankings Week Two

Here it is… week two of the CFB 128 Power Rankings. In a week that saw the SEC look positively mortal… gone, apparently, are the days of 70 point feasts on subdivision creampuffs… and the Big ten stake an early claim to dominance, the college football world twisted us up just a bit. Also watch for the Official Nfl Power Rankings, coming Monday!

Ohio State Buckeyes (2-0)

Beat Hawaii 38-0

Baylor Bears (2-0)

Beat LaMar 66-31

Michigan State Spartans (2-0)

Beat Oregon 31-28

Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0)

Beat Mid Tenn St 37-10

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (2-0)

Beat Virginia 34-27

Florida State Seminoles (2-0)

Beat USF 34-14

Southern California Trojans (2-0)

Beat Idaho 59-9

TCU Horned Frogs (2-0)

Beat S.F. Austin 70-7

Texas A&M Aggies (2-0)

Beat Ball St 56-23

Ole Miss Rebels (2-0)

Beat Fresno State 73-21

Auburn Tigers (2-0)

And people were upset that I had Auburn out of the top 10.

Beat Jacksonville State 27-20

LSU Tigers (1-0)

Beat Mississippi State 21-19

Oklahoma Sooners (2-0)

Beat Tennessee 31-24

Oregon Ducks (1-1)

Lost to Michigan State 31-28

Clemson Tigers (2-0)

Beat Appalachian State 41-10

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1-1)

Lost LSU 21-19

West Virginia Mountaineers (2-0)

Beat Liberty 41-17

Georgia Bulldogs (2-0)

Beat Vanderbilt 31-14

South Carolina Gamecocks (1-1)

Lost to Kentucky 26-22

Wisconsin Badgers (1-1)

Beat Miami 58-0

Northwestern Wildcats (2-0)

Beat Eastern Illinois 41-0

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-0)

Beat Tulane 65-10

Utah Utes (2-0)

Beat Utah State 24-14

UCLA Bruins (2-0)

Beat UNLV 35-3

Tennessee Volunteers (1-0)

Lost to Oklahoma 31-24

Brigham Young Cougars (2-0)

Beat Boise State 35-24

Missouri Tigers (2-0)

Beat Arkansas State 27-20

Arizona Wildcats (2-0)

Beat Nevada 44-20

Temple Owls (2-0)

Beat Cincinnati 34-26

Kansas State Wildcats (2-0)

Beat UTSA 30-3

Houston Cougars (2-0)

Beat Louisville 34-31

Virginia Tech Hokies (1-1)

Beat Furman 42-3

North Carolina State Wolfpack (2-0)

Beat Eastern Kentucky35-0

Stanford Cardinal (1-1)

Beat UCF 31-7

Florida Gators (2-0)

Beat East Carolina 31-24

Nebraska Cornhuskers (1-1)

Beat South Alabama 48-9

Duke Blue Devils (2-0)

Beat NC Central 55-0

Iowa Hawkeyes (2-0)

Beat Iowa State 31-17

Illinois Fighting Illini (2-0)

Beat Western Illinois 44-0

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1-1)

Lost to Washington State 37-34

Minnesota Golden Gophers (1-1)

Beat Colorado State 23-20

Michigan Wolverines (1-1)

Beat Oregon State 35-7

Arizona State Sun Devils (1-1)

Beat Cal-Poly 35-21

Toledo Rockets (1-0)

Beat Arkansas 16-12

California Golden Bears (2-0)

Beat SD State 35-7

Oklahoma State Cowboys (2-0)

Beat C. Arkansas 32-8

Kentucky Wildcats (1-0)

Beat South Carolina 26-22

Navy Midshipmen (1-0)


Louisville Cardinals (0-2)

Lost to Houston 34-31

Texas Longhorns (1-1)

Beat Rice 42-28


Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (2-0)

Beat Louisiana Tech 41-38


Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes (2-0)

Beat Florida Atlantic 44-20


Northern Illinois Huskies (2-0)

Beat Murray State 57-26


Arkansas Razorbacks (1-1)

Lost to Toledo 16-12


Penn State Nittany Lions (1-1)

Beat Buffalo 27-14


Boise State Broncos (1-1)

Lost BYU 35-24


North Carolina Tar Heels (1-1)

Beat NC A & T 53-14


Cincinnati Bearcats (1-1)

Lost to Temple 34-26


Pittsburgh Panthers (2-0)

Beat Akron 24-7


Boston College Eagles (2-0)

Beat Howard 76-0


Air Force Falcons (2-0)

Beat San Jose State 37-16


Memphis Tigers (2-0)

Beat Kansas 55-23


Ohio Bobcats (2-0)

Beat Marshall 21-10


Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (1-1)

Lost to Western Kentucky 41-38


Marshall Thundering Herd (1-1)

Lost to Ohio 21-10


Bowling Green Falcons (1-1)

Beat Maryland 48-27


Appalachian State Mountaineers (1-0)

Lost to Clemson 41-10


Georgia Southern Eagles (1-1)

Beat W Michigan 43-17


Maryland Terrapins (1-1)

Lost to Bowling Green 48-27


Iowa State Cyclones (1-1)

Lost to Iowa 31-17


La.-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns (1-1)

Beat Northwestern State 44-17


Texas Tech Red Raiders (2-0)

Beat UTEP 69-20


Arkansas State Red Wolves (0-2)

Lost to Missouri 27-20


Washington Huskies (1-1)

Beat Sacremento State 49-0


Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (1-1)

Lost to Ohio State 38-0


San Diego State Aztecs (1-1)

Lost to Cal 35-7


Indiana Hoosiers (2-0)

Beat FIU 36-22


Virginia Cavaliers (0-2)

Lost to Notre Dame 34-27


Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders (1-1)

Lost to Alabama 37-10


Colorado State Rams (1-1)

Lost to Minnesota 23-20


East Carolina Pirates (1-1)

Lost to Florida 31-24


Rice Owls (1-0)

Lost to Texas 42-28


Utah State Aggies (1-1)

Lost to Utah 24-14


Old Dominion Monarchs (2-0)

Beat Norfolk State 24-10


Purdue Boilermakers (1-1)

Beat Indiana State 38-14


Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-1)

Lost to Syracuse 30-17


Tulsa Golden Hurricane (2-0)

Beat New Mexico 40-21


Southern Methodist Mustangs (1-1)

Beat North Texas 31-13


Vanderbilt Commodores (0-2)

Lost to Georgia 31-14


Akron Zips (0-2)

Lost to Pitt 24-7


UCF Knights (0-2)

Lost to Stanford 31-7


Ball State Cardinals (1-1)

Lost to Texas A&M 56-23


Syracuse Orange (2-0)

Beat Wake Forest 30-17


Charlotte 49ers (2-0)

Beat Presbytirian 34-10


Texas State Bobcats (0-1)

Beat Prairie View A&M 63-24


Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles(1-1)

Beat Austin Peay 52-6


Central Michigan Chippewas (1-1)

Beat Monmouth 31-10


Western Michigan Broncos (0-2)

Lost to Georgia Southern 43-17


Florida International Golden Panthers(1-1)

Lost to Indiana 36-22


Oregon State Beavers (1-1)

Lost to Michigan 35-7


Fresno State Bulldogs (1-1)

Lost to Ole Miss 73-21


Nevada Wolf Pack (1-0)

Lost to Arizona 44-20


Colorado Buffaloes (1-1)

Beat UMass 48-14


Buffalo Bulls (1-1)

Lost to Penn State 27-14


Massachusetts Minutemen (0-1)

Lost to Colorado 48-14


New Mexico Lobos (1-1)

Lost to Tulsa 41-20


South Florida Bulls (1-1)

Lost to Florida State 34-14


Troy Trojans (1-1)

Beat Charleston Southern 44-16

Tulane Green Wave (0-1)

Lost to Georgia Tech 65-10

San Jose State Spartans (1-1)

Lost to Air force 37-16

Texas-El Paso Miners (0-2)

Lost to Texas Tech 69-20

North Texas Mean Green (0-1)

Lost to SMU 31-13

Florida Atlantic Owls (0-2)

Lost to Miami 44-20

UNLV Rebels (0-2)

Lost to UCLA 37-3

Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners (0-2)

Lost to Kansas State 30-3

Connecticut Huskies (2-0)

Beat Army 22-17

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks (1-1)

Beat Nicholls State 47-0

South Alabama Jaguars (1-0)

Lost to Nebraska 48-9

Washington State Cougars (1-1)

Beat Rutgers 37-34

Georgia State Panthers (1-1)

Beat New Mexico State 34-32

Kent State Golden Flashes (1-1)

Beat Deleware State 45-13

Eastern Michigan Eagles (1-1)

Beat Wyoming 48-29

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks (1-1)

Lost to Wisconsin 58-0

New Mexico State Aggies (0-2)

Lost to Georgia State 34-32

Wyoming Cowboys (0-2)

Lost to Eastern Michigan 48-29

Army Black Knights (0-2)

Lost to Connecticut 22-17

Idaho Vandals (0-2)

Lost to USC 59-9

Kansas Jayhawks (0-2)

Lost to Memphis 55-23